How To Choose a Color Palatte For Your New Home

Building a new home is a very exciting time! However some new homeowners can become overwhelmed with all the choices they need to make. Today we are going to tackle the color palate of your home and how to make choices you will love for many years to come.

  1. Stick to 3-5 colors through out the home
  2. Use colors you love
  3. Decide if you want your home to be a place that energizes you or a place of relaxation
  4. Choose one color for doors and trim and carry it throughout the house. (standard shades of whites and creams are most common however if you are looking for a dramatic look think black, dark grey or chocolate brown)
  5. Build your homes palette around things you love. (Nature, travel, the beach, etc. ) For instance if you are a nature lover choose neutral colors you find in nature, tans, creams, beige with pops of greens, orange and yellow.
  6. Pay attention to lighting in the different rooms with in your home, how many windows and what type of artificial lighting you have. Paint colors will look different depending on whether there is a lot of natural light or limited natural light in a particulate room.
  7. When in doubt stick to neutral colors. You can always add color with throw pillows, art work, area rugs and other decor.