At Everlast Homes, we believe quality should be standard. Please take a look at some of the standard features that set our homes apart from the competition.

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Travertine Flooring

Travertine OR porcelain floors are included with no upgrade cost, in every room except the bedrooms. These materials are beautiful and durable. Other builders will charge you an upgrade fee for floors of this quality; with Everlast Homes, quality is standard. All of our tile floors come with a 5 year warranty.


Wood Laminate

Wood laminate flooring is standard in your bedrooms and office. This is an upgrade from most builders.


Granite Counters

A lot of builders do formica, which is a pressed board with a laminate on top of it. You can scratch those, you can dent those, you can ruin them with water, you can ruin them with heat. You can take something off the stove here and set it on that granite, it's not going to hurt it in any way. You can cut and chop directly on that granite and it's not going to hurt it. These countertops can truly last a lifetime.


Stainless Steel Appliances

Our homes come with a stainless-steel appliance package standard, including the regrigerator. Many builders will start with black or white appliances, and they often do not include the regrigerator. We go above and beyond with this standard.


Crown Molding

The crown molding is an upgrade from most builders, we do it as a standard feature. We include that crown molding in all the formal areas and the master.


All-Wood Cabinets

42' All-Wood Cabinets are standard in our kitchens. Not a lot of builders do all-wood cabinets and those that do will start you at 36' and offer paid upgrades from there. These cabinets are of the highest quality; there is no pressed-board in these cabinets. These cabinets will be beautiful for years to come.


Concrete Block Exterior Walls

Concrete block walls stand up against the weather. These walls are durable and provide great energy efficiency.


High Density Foam Insulation

We line the interior of all of our exterior walls with high-density foam insulation, to lower energy costs and help keep your home comfortable year-round. Many builders use foil insulation, which is not as effective as high-density foam.


Double-pane Low-E Insulated Windows

We use vinyl-frame double-paned low-e windows. These windows are an upgrade with many builders. Aluminum-frame windows are the common alternative; these will sweat on the inside of the home.


Laundry-Room Utility Sink

Most builders at this price level will charge an upgrade fee for this convenience.


Coach Lights

A lot of the other builders just have a large plastic plate covering where this fixture goes. They will prewire the house for the fixture and blank it off, you as a homeowner move in and pay someone to put it on or put it on yourself. We include it with the build.


Quality Interior Finishes

Knock down on ceilings and orange peel on walls. These finishes ensure the interior of your home is beautiful and low-maintenance.


5" Base Boards

Most builders offer 3 1/4" base boards standard; we offer 5", standard.


2 1/4" Casing

Most competing builders offer cased-out windows as an upgrade. These are standard in your Everlast Home.

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Standard Features

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